Program Quality Campaigns

Learn more about Pathways Learning Experience and the how does Toastmasters Education works by contacting the Program Quality Team. These campaigns are launched to ensure club quality.

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Club Growth Campaigns

To build club membership and retention, Club Growth Team organizes a series of campaigns.

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Public Relations Campaign

In order to let the world know about how Toastmasters can benefit more people, the Public Relations Team will help clubs to promote themselves through various platforms.

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District 102 Moments of Truth Round 2 (MOT2) Survey

Moments of Truth (MOT) outlines how to create a positive first impression of your club, and recognize and deal with situations critical to club success. Starting 8 November 2019. District 102 will conduct the second round of MOT, to serve as a midpoint check of the progress of each club. This is District 102’s continuous

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District 102 Video Contest is Starting Soon! (16 Nov 2019 to 15 Feb 2020)

Your club has a story. Your members have their journey. Tell the world about your club. Show how members have transformed. Touch people with your testimonials. Shout out loud for Toastmasters! Submit video at ** FREE Club Signboard for Accepted Entries Poster design by Foong Sook Hwa, MSP


Dear Club officers! Time to mark your calendar for the upcoming COT 2~  District 102 Clubs that achieve 100% attendance with all 7 club officers attending the District Club Officer Training Round 2 (COT2) between December 2019 to February 2020 will receive a set of Toastmasters International Club Ribbon Pack consist of 5 types of

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Congratulations to 103 members from 44 clubs across 9 Divisions in District 102 for achieving Education Awards in the month of October 2019, both in the Pathways Education Program and Traditional Education Program. Pathways Ribbons for Level 1-4 achievers in the month of October to November will be distributed by respective Division Directors during the

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District 102 Speakathon Events

Presenting to you the “Speakathon Project“!! Let’s spread the Toastmasters movement~ 

This is a collaborative project with Divisions, Areas and Clubs to spread the Toastmasters movement around our neighbourhood, our communities and our nation.


• To showcase inspiring speakers from Toastmasters to the public.
• To demonstrate evaluation as a unique selling point of Toastmasters.
• To introduce the art of public speaking and evaluation to the public.
• To create awareness and enhance the public image of Toastmasters.
• To introduce the benefits of Toastmasters to the public.


• We invite interested Divisions, Areas and Clubs to organize Speakathon events toward the purposes above and bring benefits to you.
• The organizer is to organize the event with the help from the District represented by the Speakathon Team.
• The Speakathon team is to guide and assist the organizer in the areas of program design, promotion, branding and finance.
• The Speakathon project runs from 1st November 2019 to 31th March 2020 only. All Speakathon events need to be organized within this period of time.

Speakathon Event

• A Speakathon event is a public event to showcase Toastmasters speakers, evaluators and the benefits to the public.
• Each Speakathon event might last for 2 to 3 hours.
• The target group of participants are members of the public who are not Toastmasters members.
• The target number of participants from the public is 50 to 100 pax. But no minimum is required. The more the merrier.
• The event is neither a regular Toastmasters meeting nor a demo meeting.
• The event is designed in a way that is friendly and understandable to the public.
• The event does not start with SAA, nor have role players like General Evaluator and Ah Counter. This is not a Toastmasters meeting.
• The event does not need to recognize the presence of District Officers. Focus on what adds value to the public.
• Use language more understandable to the public, such as Emcee instead of Toastmasters of the Day or Evening.
• Think out of the box. Think beyond Toastmasters. Use TED talk and YMM Public Speaking Club as references how they attract hundreds and thousands of participants to each event.

Suggested Event Agenda

6:30pm Dinner & Welcome
7:30pm Introduction by Emcee
7:45pm Sharing #1 – Introduction to Public Speaking
8:00pm 5 speakers x 7 min
8:45pm Break
9:00pm Sharing #2 – Introduction to Evaluation
9:15pm 5 evaluators x 3 min
9:45pm Sharing #3 – What is Toastmasters?
10:00pm End

• The event can be conducted in the daytime, night time, or weekend.
• The event can feature 3 to 5 speakers and the corresponding 3 to 5 evaluators.
• The event can feature 3 special sharing sessions as above.
• Speakers are encouraged to deliver inspirational speeches, humorous speeches, storytelling, or speeches suitable to the theme set by the organizer.
• Speakers are not to use the their speech toward credit for any project speech under Pathways or traditional education program.
• The event can be conducted in English or Mandarin.
• Best Speaker and Best Evaluator awards can be given. Voting should be open to all participants.
• Speakers, evaluators and emcee are subject to approval by the Speakathon team.
• The same organizer can organize the event for more than once, subject to the approval by the Speakathon Team.


• The event is to be organized by the organizer with the help and guidance from the Speakathon team.
• The Speakathon team assist and advise in program design, promotion, branding, and finance.
• Attendance is to be taken. Incentives are based on the number of qualified prospects attending.
• Qualified prospects refer to the members of the public who are non-Toastmasters members, who are of 18 years old and above, and whose complete information has been taken.
• Complete information of qualified prospects includes but is not limited to name, phone number, email address, and location.
• The promotion and marketing of the event shall comply with the Toastmasters International branding guidelines.
• The organizer takes responsibility for the surplus or deficit of the event.
• The organizer can charge reasonable door fees to the participants, subject to the approval of the Speakathon team.
• The organizer is entitled to claims for expenses incurred by following the financial incentives below.

Benefits for Organizer

• The organizer stands to promote its Division, Area or Club(s).
• The organizer stands to recruit new members if so chosen by the prospects.
• The organizer stands to entitled to financial incentives as below:
 Claimable expenses up to RM300 if the event is attended by up to 50 qualified prospects, or up to RM600 if the event is attended by more than 50 qualified prospects.
RM5 per qualified prospect attending, to claim for event expenses.
RM10 per qualified prospect who joins any club in District 102 within 4 weeks, to claim for event expenses.
• All claims for expenses based on valid receipts, subject to District reimbursement guidelines and procedures.
• Claimable expenses are not limited to the Speakathon event, but also other events organized by the same organizer. Priority is given to the Speakathon event.
• Any amount entitled but unclaimed within 8 weeks of the event will be forfeited.
• For each Speakathon event organized by a single club, 5 points are given to the club organizing the event toward District 102 Diamond Club Award.
• For each Speakathon event jointly organized by Division, Area, or more than one club, up to 3 clubs which play a major role in organizing or hosting the event may receive 5 points each toward District 102 Diamond Club Award.

Other Rewards

• A welcome gift worth RM30 is given to each qualified prospect who joins any club in District 102 within 4 weeks.
• All speakers, evaluators and role players receive certificate of appreciation from the organizer.
• The organizer can add on some token of appreciation to speakers, evaluators and role players.

Speakathon Team

• The Speakathon team consists of:
 District Director Dr. Yvonne Leong, DTM
 District Finance Manager CP Lau, DTM
 District PR Manager Ricky Soo, DTM
• More members might be admitted into the team as time goes on.


• As time progresses and as we learn to organize this event, these guidelines are subject to be updated or changed any time by the Speakathon team without notice.
• For enquiries, please email to District 102 PR Manager, Ricky Soo, DTM, at or Whatsapp to 016-267 2855.

In the presence of multiple versions and translations of these guidelines, the English version at is the only authoritative reference.

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