Add Your Online Meeting, Contest, Workshop

You may add your online event below, and it will show up in the online event listing. After adding one event, you may scroll up here to add another.

  • Post and Wait – It takes a while for your event to appear in the listing. Please wait and don’t add the same event if it doesn’t show up immediately.
  • Edit Event – You can edit your event after adding by one of these methods: (1) Right-click the “Edit your response” link, copy and save the address for future editing, (2) Contact us to edit your event.
  • Post Past Meetings – You may post online events for the period from March to June 2020. Past events will not show up but will be recorded.
  • Diamond Award – Your club gets 1 point for 1 online meeting listed, 2 points for 2 online meetings listed, 3 points for more than 2 online meetings listed. For online meetings from 1st March to 31st May 2020 only.

For enquiry or technical assistance, please contact Ricky Soo at 016-2672855 or email to

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