April 2020 – Be Excellent, Be Respectful, Continuously

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April 2020

"How to Create Interesting and Professional Online Meetings" online workshop

Fun-filled “How to Create Interesting and Professional Online Meetings” online workshop by Aaron Leung, DTM, EH5 from District 89, Hong Kong.

District Leader Address – Be Excellent, Be Respectful, Continuously


Hello, members of District 102! How have you been? I hope everyone stays fine and healthy during this Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

Yes, we do not live our normal lifestyle during this challenging period. We do not work our normal hours, we do not get to meet our friends, we do not get to learn in our normal learning time in Toastmasters meetings. We are all challenged physically, emotionally.

Fellow Toastmasters, despite this challenging time, be excellent, be respectful, continuously.

Be Excellent

Let us put all these challenges as part of our learnings. I am so glad that members, clubs, areas and divisions have taken the initiative to organise online meetings, online workshops, online learnings, whichever way is appropriate, convenient and approachable.

District is committed to assist! Should you need assistance, please talk to us!

Let us keep up the core value of Toastmasters, “Excellence”. Values drive culture, values drive action. I would encourage fellow members to pay your dues and continue learning in this amazing platform. Be excellent, continuously.

Opportunities knock on doors that are ready!

Be Respectful

During this pandemic, I can understand it is never easy for all of us to stay home, stay calm. However, this is what we ought to do, for ourselves, for our families and for our country.

Remember the core value of Toastmasters, “Respect”, we shall learn to be more understanding, be more receptive. We learn to agree to disagree. We learn to look at things from a different perspective.

That is what we do. As Toastmasters, we praise more, criticise less. With respect, we maintain a harmonious family, society.

Fellow Toastmasters, MCO is temporary, our learning journey is lifetime! Let us be excellent, be respectful, continuously. I shall see all of you soon!

Remember, Stay Home, Stay Safe!  Cheers!

District Finance Manager
Term 2019-2020


Diamond Club Award – We would like to recognize clubs achieving more than the requirements of DCP. You may provide data for Diamond Club Criteria here and check the status Diamond Club award hereFind out the qualifying criteria here.

Education Awards March 2020 – Congratulations to 203 members from 66 clubs across 9 Divisions in District 102 for achieving 241 Education Awards in March 2020, both in the Pathways Education Program and Traditional Education Program. Check out the achievers.

District 102 Pathways Champion – A big thanks to 74.9% of District 102 members who have adopted Pathways! We appreciate the efforts of all Clubs, Areas and Divisions. Congratulations to the Champion Club, Area and Division achievers! Check out the list.

Online Contest Guidelines, Best Practices, Rulebook, Exception – For reference to online speech contest, we hereby issue some documents for your reference. Find out all here.

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Membership Renewal Campaign – The month-long Membership Renewal Campaign has recently concluded and we’re pleased to announce that 40 clubs qualified for a new club signboard and more than 2000 members will receive a car decal each. Read more.


Online Meetings, Contests, Workshops – Now you can attend Toastmasters meeting and events from home! View the listing of online events going on in District 102. Add your meeting too to have some guests from around the world!

ZOOM with Toastmasters – Watch the interview shows of our Division Directors each Wednesday from the comfort of your home. Check the schedule and register just once for all sessions here.

Zoom Workshop by Sim Bock San – We interact all the time. Some interactions leave us inspired but some lead to social distancing. Why? Join us in the “Interaction Skills in the Digital Era: Forsaken and Forgotten?” online workshop on 19th April 2020. Register yourself here.

How to run a Toastmasters Annual General Meeting (AGM) Online? – All Toastmasters clubs are required to hold their Annual Business Meeting at the first meeting in May and elect the Club Officers for the term 2020-2021. Join us to learn how in this online workshop on 21st April 2020. Register here.

When You Believe 相信的力量——从英语小白到世界级演讲者 – 10 years ago, she did not speak English. Now she is the first native-born Chinese Toastmaster to place in the top three of the World Championship of Public Speaking. Register yourself for Sherrie Su’s sharing online on 28th April 2020 at 8pm.

Unforgettable Presentations by Darren LaCroix – Do you want to deliver a good presentation? A great presentation? Or an Unforgettable Presentation? Learn from world champion Darren LaCroix in this online workshop on 7th May 2020. Register here.