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史麦徳里杰出奖励#2 – 线上例会冠军

2个组别 – (1)会员组别, (2) 分会组别 有效期限 – 1/03/20 至31/05/20 (以下是完整的提交条件) 首要条件: 于30/09/20是活跃会员和分会 只限参与102区域分会举办的任何线上例会 会员组别: 会员呈献第一次线上备稿演讲将获得1支讲演会笔,接下来的线上备稿演讲将获得1个讲演会徽章 没有限制于呈献线上备稿演讲的次数 在活动限期内呈献线上备稿演讲 分会组别: 分会将获得10片分会缎带。特别奖励于首20个分会 – 可以申领1个月的Zoom PRO 户口费用 超过5位会员呈献最少一个完整的线上备稿演讲(参考以上的会员组别) 提交条件: 会员的备稿演讲 – 提交评论表格的扫描版于共享驱动器(Google/Dropbox/OneDrive),分会例会(日期,时间),会员名字和评论员资料(名字,电邮地址和手机号码)必须清楚写在评论表格。扫描文件名字请注明:“分会名字 – 呈献线上备稿日期 – 会员名字” 提交Zoom Pro户口单据。请将银行名字,户口号码和户口名字清楚写在单据上。 会长或文教将共享驱动器的链接于1/6/20前电邮至区域教育质量总监。 会长或文教将被通知是否符合这个活动的首20个提交分会。 每个分会只需要通过电邮提交一次而已。 如有任何疑问,请电邮 联络区域教育质量总监,李明诗卓越讲员.

10 Ways to Secure Zoom

Concerns on Zoom Security

We have received a few concerns regarding the usage of zoom for online meetings and contests. Please note the usage of zoom is not mandatory. Clubs, Area Directors, Division Directors are free to use other platforms such as Skype, GoToMeeting, bluejeans, hangout, Microsoft teams. Unfortunately, District 102 and TLI are not able to support exploring

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ZOOM with Toastmasters – Zoom Security in Place

ZOOM with Toastmasters – Mirosha Somasundram, DTM Date: 8th April 2020 (Wednesday) Time: 8:00pm to 8:30pm (UTC+8) Register: Dear Members and Guests, your data and privacy are important. We are taking a few measures to ensure our online session is safe and secure for every participant. Registration required – All participants are required to

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ALS & DTM Leadership Award Submission extension

Toastmasters International Board of Directors has announced some allowances for members striving to achieve their Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) and Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) of the traditional education program. 1. Members may submit for their ALS or DTM award in the traditional education program up to next term  ending June 2021. Therefore, any work completed, such

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Smedley Distinguished #2 – Online Club Meeting Champions

2 Categories – (1) Member category, (2) Club category Validity – 1 March to 31 May 2020 Pre-qualification – Clubs & Members are in good standing up to 30/9/20 – Online meetings organized by clubs in District 102 Member Category – Members will get 1 TI pen for 1st speech delivered in any online club

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