Beauty of Unity #3 Alice Chai Ming Fong – UNIPAC Toastmasters Club
Meeting #105 “Together as One”- 27 Aug,2020

Beauty of Unity #3 Alice Chai Ming Fong – UNIPAC Toastmasters Club

The Beauty of Unity  at UNIPAC Toastmasters Club

In spite of the hovering Covid pandemic, UNIPAC TMC conducted five physical fortnightly meetings after 12th March, 2020.  These meetings were usually attended by about 15-20 participants. Club membership is open to staff from nearby companies in Glenmarie, and Open House events were regularly held to boost membership.

For its Meeting 108, because of the CMCO clampdown, Unipac TMC held its first online meeting  via Zoom. President Daryl Yap, CC and IPPrez Celine worked tirelessly to acquire the skills, documents, tips and tricks from USJ Toastmasters Club. With meticulous planning they reconfigured the meeting format with ppt slides and the results were impressively superb. Daryl breezed attendees through the entire meeting without their even realizing that his computer had crashed. 

Well done Unipac! With 18 supportive attendees who are game changers in their own special ways, the meeting concluded on a high note of unity. Meaningful and memorable speeches and evaluations were shared and participants left convinced that “Nothing will change, if nothing changes”. The successful outcome of this Zoom Meeting 108 is a milestone to spark off greater togetherness and warmer camaraderie for a dynamic 6-year-old club nurtured by a visionary CEO, David Yap, DL5,   the current Club Treasurer and one of its Founding Members.

Submitted by:

Alice Chai Ming Fong, CC,CL
Founding President (2014-2015)
Unipac Toastmasters Club.    

The computer that crashed quietly, unnoticed
Meeting #108 with TME Susan Lim and GE Arthur Lai, DTM