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Change of Venue- District 102 1st Annual Conference 2017

Dear delegates of D102AC2017 and members of District 102, This is a Special Announcement. The venue for District 102 1st Annual Conference will now be moved to Geno Hotel, Shah Alam. This is due to a change in management team at the previous venue, resulting in additional terms that are not mutually agreeable being imposed

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D102 Annual Conference 2017 Program

Speakers Elisa Tay, DTM District 102 is honoured to have Region 14 International Director 2016-2018, Elisa Tay,DTM as Keynote Speaker in District 102 ist Annual Conference. Find out more about Elisa Tay, DTM…/Bo…/Current-Board-of-Directors Dareen Tay Wen Jie Do you know, the latest World Champion of Public Speaking 2016, Darren Tay Wen Jie, will be speaking

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