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MY Puchong Toastmasters Club (Div E) – Video Marketing Sharing Session

Ken Koh, DTM, a PR speaker from the District PR team gave an engaging sharing session on Video Marketing on  26th November 2019 (Tuesday). The 30-minute sharing session was organized by Division E in MY Puchong Toastmasters Club. Ken shared on the importance of engaging video audience in the first 30 seconds, the planning of

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102区域短视频比赛即时启动! (2019年11月16日至2020年2月15日) 每个分会都有来历 每个人都有故事说 来吧!告诉全世界你的分会有多棒吧! 来吧!大方展示会友们勇敢的蜕变吧! 用真心的话语感动人们 雀跃地大声欢呼讲演会! 将视频上传至 *免费 分会布告板予合格参赛的分会 ** 年度大会上颁奖予获奖摄影师及所属分会 * 超过一半所属分会参赛的区可报销RM100 海报设计~Foong Sook Hwa, MSP 翻译~Amara Yap, CC, ALB

District 102 Video Contest – 16 Nov 2019 to 15 Feb 2020

Your club has a story. Your members have their journey. Tell the world about your club. Show how members have transformed. Touch people with your testimonials. Shout out loud for Toastmasters! Submit video at ** FREE Club Signboard for Accepted Entries Poster design by Foong Sook Hwa, MSP

Public Relations Workshop by Crystal Toastmasters Club (Part 2)

Crystal Toastmasters Club organizes a two-part workshop on Public Relations featuring 5 speakers from District 102 PR Team. The first part was conducted on 5 October 2019, while the second part was conducted on 19 October 2019, consisting of 2 sessions: – Poster Design by Foong Sook Hwa, MS4, ACG, ALS – Social Media Marketing by Jerry

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