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Program Quality Team Term 2019/2020

Introducing to you the Program Quality Team for term 2019/2020, ready to serve! Lee Meng Tze, DTM Program Quality Director Alex Lu, DTM Support Team Member Yasotha Arumugam, DTM Support Team Member Soosai Selvanathan, ACS, ALB Support Team Member Need help? Contact us. Poster Design by Foong Sook Hwa, ACG ALB

Division Directors Term 2019/20

Introducing the Division Directors to serve each division! Dr Somsubhra De, ACS ALS Division A Director Emily Bong, DTM Division B Director Joshua Chan, ACS ALB Division C Director Mirosha Somasundram, ACS ALS Division D Director Kang Fong Luan, ACS ALB Division E Director Nur Afzani Tual, DTM Division G Director Shafida Hermy Halamy, ACG

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Special Appointees 2019/2020

Up next, we have the Special Appointees for the term 2019/2020, ready to serve! Ho Fong Ming, DTM District Nomination Chair Sue Ding, DTM District Credential Chair Dinesh Jayabalan, DTM District Parliamentarian Srinivas K M, DTM District TLI Chair Alan Wong, DTM District Speechcraft Chair Khalid Idris, DTM Organizing Chair, District 102 Annual Conference 2020

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Senior District Officers 2019/2020

Introducing the Senior District Officers for the term 2019/2020 at your service! Dr Yvonne Leong, DTM District Director Lee Meng Tze, DTM Program Quality Director Selina Chong, DTM Club Growth Director Aaron Chan, DTM District Administration Manager CP Lau, DTM District Finance Manager Ricky Soo, DTM District Public Relations Manager Dr. William Lau, DTM Immediate

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