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Inviting You to Speaker Fest 2020 (English)!

Watch 3 inspiring speeches, 3 encouraging evaluations, 3 bonus talks in 2 hours!! Learn the importance of public speaking for your personal and career development. Date: 7th June 2020 (Sunday) Time: 8pm to 10pm Attend for free. Open to public. Book your seat now at For enquiry, contact Clement Chew at 017-3407994.

Speakathon @ BMC Mall, Bandar Mahkota Cheras

What is Speakathon? Have you found it hard to get your children’s, relatives’ and friend’s attention when you communicate with them? And they are not listening to your suggestions? Being able to speak confidently in public can mesmerize the audience of different levels and age groups, from the age of 3 to 80. Receiving constructive

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The first Speakathon showcase event was organized successfully by Division M in R&F Mall, Johor Bahru on 21st December 2019. The event features a dedicated organizing team under the leadership of Division M Director BC Ngoh, a dynamic emcee, 8 speakers and 8 evaluators. 国际讲演会南马M区配合102区域领导团队,破天荒举办了柔南M区首个户外活动马拉松备稿及评论,已于 💥时间~2-6pm 💥21-12-19 💥新山富力广场户外区i-Stage舞台。圆满落幕 非盈利组制国际讲会的领导们感谢新山富力广场大力的支持供应场地以及商家慷慨解囊相助之下,加上所有的职务人员,备稿及评论员在百忙中抽空出席这个活动~马拉松户外演讲话动一气 柯承,完成任务。 此话动宗旨意在~~ 1。将讲演艺术推广给大众。 2。增进大众对国际讲演会的认识和了解。 3。演示评论乃讲演的特色。 4。让公众了解加入讲演会的好处。

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