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Report on District 102 Speech Expo

District 102 Speech Expo was held on Saturday, 16 November 2019 at T-Systems Malaysia, Cyberjaya, to train participants on 4 Speech Mastery: The Power to Inspire Mastery (Facilitator: G. Sivalingam), Humorize to Humanize Mastery (Facilitator: K. Loghandran), Breakfast for the Champion (Facilitator: Tay Vui Kit) and Prepared for the Unprepared Mastery (Facilitator: Choon Siew Mei). Over

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Update Contest Rulebook Rev. 8/2019

Warm Greetings to All Members of Toastmasters International District 102, This is to communicate on the Rev.8/2019 update by Toastmasters International on Speech Contest Rulebook 2019-2020, Clause #5.2, 5.3, 5.4 (Page 9). The number of voting judges at Area/Division/District Contests are reverted to 2018-2019 version with immediate effect by Toastmasters International, in effect from July

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您渴望成为一名比赛评审吗? 你有没有去参加过比赛,并想知道为什么你的“选择”没有赢? 你有没有想过身为参赛者的你会如何被评分? 在9月14日当天,我们将回答您的所有问题。 加入我们与经验丰富的评审,区域获奖者和演讲者: – 探索如何进行比赛评分的幕后花絮 – 了解评分和评论之间的区别 – 掌握讲演会比赛的评分标准 – 体验模拟比赛,让你尝试成为评审! 这是总评审,评审,参赛者和每位会员 的工作坊。 我们到时候见! 🏆 仅剩下40个座位,在此登记报名: