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ZOOM with Toastmasters – Ryo Lau 刘健祥 ACB, ALB

透过积极的沟通和领导才能充实自己, 与我们一起参与 “ZOOM with Toastmasters” 访谈活动! 在本次访谈中,主持人,黄道征,将采访刘健祥 ACB,ALB,以分享他在讲演会里学习成为领导者的心路旅程。 此活动是公开给所有的Toastmasters会员和公众。入场免费。 只需从下载Zoom app,然后单击下面的链接即可在任何地方收看。 Facebook: Zoom链接: Zoom ID: 521-652-1683 日期:二零二零年四月一日 (星期三) 时间:5.00 – 5.30 pm 由国际讲演会102区域带给您的ZOOM with Toastmasters是每周一次的活动,展示给于参与Toastmasters教育计划的Toastmasters领导者和会员。 在 或上了解有关Toastmasters的更多信息。 如有查询,请致电016-2672855与苏志强联络或电邮至

District 102 Leadership Expo – Session 3 (Obstacles to Opportunity)

* This event has been postponed until further notice – Every path you choose has obstacles. Opportunities are usually disguised as obstacles to help us on our path. In a way, what stands in your way is your way to achieve something. Learn to turn your obstacles into opportunities and to let your mind adapt

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