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THE S.P.E.A.K. SERIES: Speaking Promotes Education and Knowledge Series

Introducing THE S.P.E.A.K. SERIES: Speaking Promotes Education and Knowledge Series We are bringing  5 Speakers in the next 2 months where you’ll hear from World Champions, Key Note Speakers & Leaders in Toastmasters. The series of events are jointly organized by Famosa Toastmasters Club, Division A. & District 102 TLI Team

Making Your FIRST IMPRESSIONS Everlasting – by Luisa Montalvo

Are you eager to learn the secrets of public speaking? Do you want to control your fears of public speaking, once and for all? Do you want your words to paint beautiful pictures and weave the magic by bringing your speeches alive? What better ways than learning from the very best, a World Championship of

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ZOOM with Toastmasters – Shafida Hermy, DTM

In this episode, Division H Director Shafida Hermy, DTM will share how she became a Toastmasters speaker and leader, her plan for her Division and her passion in sports! Open to all Toastmasters members and the public. Register at Date: 6th May 2020 (Wednesday) Time: 8:00pm to 8:30pm (GMT+8) Click Going at Interview Schedule: 6/5/2020

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UNFORGETTABLE Presentations – Online Workshop by World Champion Darren Lacroix

Do you want to deliver a good presentation? A great presentation? Or an Unforgettable Presentation? The process is different for each. If you truly want you and your message to be UNFORGETTABLE, wouldn’t it make sense to learn from a coach who knows how? Trying to be unforgettable without advice from an expert is like

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