Celebrating Festivals with Love & Style #4 Daryl Yap – UNIPAC TMC
Joint Meeting (UNIPAC TMC and MIMPJ TMC) Wednesday 11 Nov 2020

Celebrating Festivals with Love & Style #4 Daryl Yap – UNIPAC TMC

Give light and people will find the way”, so said Ella Baker. What better way to beam that radiance of shared joy and togetherness than for two clubs within Area C1 to have a joint meeting, just before the Festival of Lights.  Area Director, DTM Ranjinath Muniandy coordinated the coming together of members and the allocation of role players and speakers. UNIPAC responded to this invitation in a big way. We fielded two impressive and entertaining speakers, Joshua, doing his Icebreaker and Susan Lim CC CL, attempting her Level 2 MS project on Discovering My Leadership Style.    

The meeting showcased a fine blend of leadership strengths, speech crafting strategies, commendable speaking skills and the collective tenacity to be exceptional. A diverse range of talents could instantly be identified from the good mix of senior Toastmasters and the budding dynamic younger ones.   The warm air of merry camaraderie pervaded every available “free” minute with casual chats and shared jokes.

Joint meetings generally provide rich grounds for learning and more vitally, for the sharing of best practices. We certainly took away an immeasurable wealth and depth of ideas for future application at UNIPAC. To top it all, UNIPAC walked away with 3 awards. One for the Best TT Speaker (David Yap+ Peter Tham were joint winners). Susan Lim, CC CL, was the Best Project Speaker while President Daryl Yap, CC, was voted the Best Speech Evaluator. The stage is certainly set for UNIPAC to move beyond!      

Table Topics speakers who spoke eloquently on “Light” matters
A GE like no other – DTM Foong Sook Hwa

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Daryl Yap, CC
President, UNIPAC TMC

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