Club Growth Campaigns (2019-2020)



Smedley award_D102

Smedley Award (August 1 to September 30)

Can your club add five new, dual, or reinstated members with a join date between August 1 and September 30?  Accomplish this goal and you’ll qualify to receive a “Smedley Award”. Click HERE for more info.


New Club on the Block Campaign (English version)

Click HERE for more info about “New Club on the Block” campaign.


be the Builders campaign (English Version)

Click HERE for more “Be the Builders” campaign info.



Club Growth Campaign – The More The Merrier

Click HERE for more “The More The Merrier” info.


District 102 – Mentors Rising Campaign

Click HERE for more info about “Mentors Rising Campaign”.


District 102 – Smedsation Award

Click HERE for more Smedsation Award info.

D102 Club Growth Workshop-Main-Summary

Club Growth Workshops Summary

Click HERE for more info about Club Growth Workshops in various locations.

To know more about the Club Growth Team 2019-2020, check out their contact details HERE.