Club Growth Campaign #7
Did you miss the new club campaign that recently ended? Fret not, we’re rolling out New Club Campaign 2.0 with more interesting goodies. So if you would like to bring Toastmasters to your organisation or community, do reach out to us the Club Growth team!

Club Growth Campaign #6
Due to the ongoing pandemic, some of our Toastmasters friends haven’t renewed their membership. Encourage these friends to reinstate their membership, or sign in new members to rebuild your club, and the district will reward your club with gift certificates which you can use for your next purchase at TI online store.

Club Growth Campaign #5
Due to overwhelming response, the district is pleased to extend the token for early October renewal to another 1,000 members. So yes, the first 2,000 members to submit the October due on or before 30/9/2020 will get a face mask case each! So wait no more, quickly renew your membership today!

Club Growth Campaign #4To welcome new members joining our Toastmasters family (from 1/7/2020-30/9/2020), the district will reward all new/dual/reinstated members with 1 unit of reusable face mask. So let us all sign more new members and grow our Toastmasters clubs!

Club Growth Campaign #3
Club officers & members, it’s time to submit your renewal dues before end of September 2020 deadline. Collect and submit to Toastmasters International the renewal dues now before 30/9 deadline – each qualifying club will be rewarded with a set of District 102 Covid-19 Care Kit. Start your renewals now and secure your own District 102 Covid-19 Care Kit today 😀

Club Growth Campaign #2

With more members, our Toastmasters meeting will become more vibrant. Why not invite more colleagues, relatives and friends to join your clubs and get rewarded with various goodies? For further clarification, please contact Club Growth Director at /+60124568491

Club Growth Campaign #1
CGC Smedley Award

Fancy having the “Smedley Award” ribbon to grace your club banner? If yes, add 5 new/dual/reinstated members between 1 August and 30 September. Qualifying clubs will also get 10% discount for next order from TI online store.

是否想要拥有 “史麦立奖励” 彩带来装饰您的分会旗子? 如果是的话,请在2020年8月1日至9月30日之间添加5个新/双/恢复的会员符合条件的分会将能够获得从TI在线商店的下次订购中获得10%的折扣。