Dear Club Officers,

The 3rd session of Club Officer Training 1 (COT1) is here ! 


Worry not in case you have missed previous COT1 sessions. We are happy to announce that the next COT1 training will be held this Sunday, 26th July 2020. The available training sessions are as follows:

A) Morning: Seven (7) Mandatory club officer training sessions [9:30 am to 12:00 pm]
B) Afternoon: Six (6) Elective training sessions (Refer to the timing below)

[1:00-3:30 pm] (All 4 trainings below will be conducted concurrently)

  • MOT : How to be Toastmaster of the Day/Evening (TMD/TME)
  • MOT : How to do meeting roles
  • Technical: Zoom Master Training
  • Introduction to Pathways ( Tamil)

[4:00-6:30 pm] (Both trainings below will be conducted concurrently)

  • Pathways: Base Camp Training
  • Pathways: High Performance Leadership (HPL) & Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Project

To register, go to our registration link @ Please take note of the following:

  • The registration link, which will be refreshed at 10:00 pm every Monday, will list down all the available COT1 training sessions in District 102.
  • Registration for individual session will be closed 24 hours before the training date or once maximum capacity is reached.
  • Due to limited capacity, please register early. Slot will be allocated on “first come, first served” basis.
  • Please note that minimum 4 Club Officers are required to attend BOTH the mandatory & selective sessions for COT1 attendance to be counted to the club’s Distinguished Club Program (DCP): Hence please do both of the following

1) Register & Attend at least one (1) mandatory training (2 hours) according to club officer’s respective roles (note: if the club officer holds 2 different club officer roles, the club officer need to register & attend 2 different mandatory training sessions dates for 2 different officer roles)
PLUS (+)
2) Register & Attend at least one (1) Elective training (2 hours)

We look forward to see you soon online at COT1!

Thank you and Best Regards

Alex Lu, DTM

Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Chair

District 102, Term 2020-2021




第二次的执委培训(一)COT(1) 将会定在2020年8月2日,星期日。以下的培训环节将会开放给所有的会员!请在此链接报名

请于此链接 报名以上的执委培训。此报名链接@ 涵盖所有102区域的执委培训日期,每逢星期一的晚上10时正,该链接的选项内容资料将做出更新。

假如您有兴趣出席以上任何一项培训环节, 请在此链接 报名。欢迎您定时游览此报名链接以获得更多安排于8月的培训环节!

温馨提醒分会执委,你们需要出席一个必修环节(依据各执委的职责)及一个选修环节,方能计算为该分会的 DCP执委培训出席率。




Alex Lu