Club Officer Training Round 2 (COT2) Attendance Summary

All District 102 Club Officer Training 2 (COT2) has been completed successfully between December 2019 and 29 February 2020. Congratulations to 130 Clubs with minimum 4 club officers attended COT2, thus qualified to achieve for half Distinguished Club Program Goal for attending COT2 (the other half goal was for attending COT1).

Hearty Congratulations also to 12 clubs with all 7 club officers attended COT2, thus qualified for the District 102 Campaign Recognition Award #10 – A Club Ribbon Set from Toastmasters International. The award will be distributed to clubs via respective Division Directors at the next Division event.

The attendance of Club Officers at COT1 and COT2 have all been updated on the Dashboard of Toastmasters International.