District 102 Leadership Expo – Session 1 (Lead Without Title)

* This event has been postponed until further notice – https://www.tmdistrict102.org/postponement-of-district-102-leadership-expo/

Titles, especially the good ones, suggest that a level of authority and trust will come with them and that people will respect and follow you. But what happens if they don’t or if you don’t have the fancy title? Can you still lead?

“Where Leaders Are Made” is not just our tagline, but also be our words to live by.

True leadership is not about position or job title; it is about the influence each of us has to impact the people and environments that surround each of us every day, at work, in Toastmasters, and in our personal lives.

On 21 March 2020, join the District 102 Leadership Expo to learn about the essential skills of Personal Leadership & Team Leadership that will prepare you to be a confident leader, who is able to lead effectively in many situations.

Join us for incredible sessions filled with fun activities while learning together how to be a positive, effective, and authentic leader.

Be our first 50 paid participants to enjoy the early bird price promotion of RM 20 only! (Usual Price RM 30).

Register now at https://bit.ly/LeadershipExpo