Greetings from the District Director’s Desk

wish you good year

Greeting Dear DISTRICT 102 members,

Welcome on board District 102 the newest addition to Toastmasters International. This is our first term in the new district and I am very excited to be leading the District as Director.

All members and the District Leaders are indeed part of the history and you can be very proud of being a member in District 102 in its first term.District 102 is fully guide by TI core values R.I.S.E and we would follow TI tagline, that is Where Leaders Are Made.

District 102 in envisioned developing leadership intensely and helping every member to unleash their talent and increase their knowledge. We want all members to conquer every fear they have in public speaking and take on that stage with confident and unrivaled motivation.

I am fully committed to serving the members of District 102 together with dynamic district leadership team where I have already seen their enthusiasm and inspiration to serve.

District 102 would share this LIFE CHANGING program to as many individuals and cooperation within Malaysia and encourage them to be a TOASTMASTER.

The District wishes that all members move from mere ‘Going through to Growing through’ all the programs and become from ‘Good to Great’. We sincerely wish to’ represent a possibilities ‘for every member to achieve pinnacle of this program.

As District Director, I believe there is unlimited knowledge and benefits of being in this program and I hope to empower members to realise they own will and skill to achieve their goals.

There are many exciting changes going to take place gradually and stay tune for more updates via TI and our very our Public Relations team.

I would also like take this opportunity to wish all Muslim members ‘A SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI.


Thiagarajah Nesan ,DTM
District Director , District 102
Where Leaders Are Made

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