Diamond Club Award

Congratulations to 6 clubs for being crowned as Diamond Clubs in District 102 – JCorp, TechFMC NJ, Cheras Mandarin, Serdang Mandarin, Apple Mentors, PD Toastmasters Clubs. You have achieved excellent results in term 2019-2020 as early as May 2020 and you have done much more than the DCP requirement this term!


Diamond Club-flyer-pg1-toastmasters-malaysia-district-102

Diamond Club-flyer-pg3-toastmasters-malaysia-district-102

To get awarded, achieve at least 35 merit points!
Diamond Club Award merit point detailed report: https://bit.ly/d102_dcareport
Diamond Club Award merit point status:  https://www.tmdistrict102.org/diamond-dashboard/