District 102 Club Growth Workshop 2019-2020

East Coast CG Workshop_7.9.19 2East Coast CG Workshop_7.9.19

On the 7th of September 2019, Toastmasters from the East Coast Clubs attended District 102 Club Growth Workshop organized by the District Club Growth Team, led by Selina Chong, DTM. There were several sessions during the workshop which aimed to educate East Coast Members about building new clubs and sustaining all clubs in achieving excellence.

Selina Chong, DTM, spoke on the Selling Fundamentals of Toastmasters.
As a Toastmaster with good speaking skills amongst many others, we should probe and challenge our prospects into realizing that they have a problem that needs to be addressed. Only then can we highlight the values of Toastmasters and what they can benefit from our program.
Selina’s session was very enlightening as this approach is what makes Toastmasters’ Selling Fundamentals unique.

Dinesh Jayabalan, DTM, presented a few case studies for us to discuss in relation to the topic – Club Sponsoring.
Having been a homemaker for about a decade, the discussion with friendly and knowledgeable Toastmaster members from different walks of life proved extremely fruitful to me and I was able to relate to what was going on and learn about sponsoring a new Toastmasters club.

Aaron Chan, DTM, emphasized on Club Quality through his four values, namely, ETHOS (a Toastmaster Club should be able to promote a positive and supportive environment), ENGAGEMENT (to build another family, one needs to understand the needs of each member), EXPERIENCE (to be able to leave a good impression on the guests who come over to the club) and EVANGELISM (to share one’s experience in Toastmasters, to promote Toastmasters and to spread the good news to others).
I believe these four values are essential in maintaining the quality of a club and we should cultivate a habit of instilling these values in us.

Shel Ling, DTM, explained on the importance of Club Mentoring.
I find that the suggested curriculum for the first six months is very practical, thus, enabling us to be competent club mentors and the clubs being mentored are able to learn and grow healthily.

Tatee, talked about Club Coaching. As club coaches guide clubs to set specific goals and how to achieve them, this will very much benefit and give us invaluable experience in the process.

Overall, the Club Growth Workshop is absolutely enriching and satisfying. A big thanks to everyone who made this workshop a success!

Written by Siti Zubaidah, IP1, VPE of Kuantan Toastmasters Club