District 102 Director’s Welcome Message









As we begin our Toastmasters Term 2017-2018, let us visualize D102 as a Top Performing District in 10 months.

Being a Top Performing District means to:

  • Be mindful of the Toastmasters International Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Service, Excellence and our Team Values ie. Empowerment, Trust, Accountability.
  • Retain High Membership and Clubs.
  • Encourage members to stay active in the Toastmasters Education Program.
  • Disseminate the benefits of the Toastmasters Program through membership and club building.
  • Support the members and the clubs to achieve excellence, earlier rather than later.
  • Walk the Talk by Leaders.
  • Prepare for Succession.

To do it alone can be quite a feat but together as a team – Anything Is Possible!

“Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing.”- Daniel Rex, CEO Toastmasters International.

Let’s put our best foot forward with enthusiasm, ebullience and effectiveness.

Azizah Abu Hassan, DTM
District 102 Director 2017-2018