District 102 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests 2017/2018

Congratulations to the Winners of Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests!

Humourous Speech Contest
1st Place : Mirosha Somasundram
2nd Place : Tay Vui Kit
3rd Place : Boey Jin Hui

Evaluation Contest Winners
1st Place : Benedict Leong
2nd Place : Zarina Abu Bakar
3rd Place : Soosai Selvanathan

Mandarin Humorous Speech Contest Winners
1st place : 胡惠钦 (Woo Hui Qin)
2nd place : 黄竞贤 (Frankie Ng Jing Sean)

Mandarin Evaluation Contest Winners
1st place : 颜丽卿 (Gian Li Ching)
2nd place : 黄竞贤 (Frankie Ng Jing Sean)