District 102 is giving away Triple Crown Pins


Be a District 102’s Toastmasters TRIPLE CROWN Achiever this term!
Achieve a combination of at least Three (3) Communication and Leadership Education Awards, each member will receive a Triple Crown Pin from District 102

Campaign Period

15th March to 1st June 2017


1) One (1) Pin per Member for Education Awards achieved during the term 2016-17.
2) The Education Awards MUST be a combination of Communication and Leadership Awards. Same Category of Education Awards is not eligible, eg.
• CC, CC, ALB – Not Eligible
• ALS, LDREX, DTM – Not Eligible
• CC, ACB, ALS – Eligible
• ACG, ALS, DTM – Eligible

Note: LDREX is excluded as it is a credit required to achieve your ALS.

Should you have any query, please contact :

Program Quality Director, Azizah Abu Hassan, DTM