(As of 11 June 2020 Pathways Adoption Report published by Toastmasters International)

We appreciate the efforts of all Clubs, Areas and Divisions encouraging all members to adopt Pathways. 75.7% of District 102 members has adopted Pathways as 11 June 2020. 2020, Congratulations to Champion Club, Area and Division achievers in District 102 on Pathways Adoption Rate by Members (as of 11 June 2020 data extracted from Toastmasters International)

–       CLUB CHAMPION : 15 Clubs with 100% Members adopt Pathways

–       AREA CHAMPION : 1st – Area A3 & G2 (91% Adoption); 2nd – Area M1 (87% Adoption); 3rd – Area E1  (85% Adoption)

–       DIVISION CHAMPION: 1st – Division G (82% Adoption); 2nd – Division E (78% Adoption); 3rd – Division B & C (77% Adoption)

We look forward to more Clubs, Areas and Divisions with 100% Members Adopt Pathways by 30 June 2020 before Traditional Education Program is Phase Out across all Districts in Toastmasters International 30 June 2020  (with the exception of  Advanced Leader Silver & Distinguished Toastmaster (Traditional Education Program) extended to 30 June 2021, refer to announcement  https://www.tmdistrict102.org/als-dtm-leadership-award-submission-extension/)

As reference to guide new and existing members of District 102 Clubs on Pathways Project and Mentoring, District 102 has published material and video from Online Workshop 11 April 2020 “Understanding Pathways Projects & Be a Successful Pathways Mentor” for the knowledge and benefit of existing and new members and clubs.


Pathways Material:


Video of District 102 Online Pathways Workshop 11 April 2020 “Understanding Pathways Projects & Be a Successful Pathways Mentor” Workshop :