District Director’s 2019 Clubs’ Campaign Extravaganza

Dear Members of District 102,

I am pleased to announce the launch of The District Director’s Club Campaign Extravaganza 2019 today in an effort to incentivize clubs in District 102 to partake in helping the District to form more clubs and strengthen the average club membership base.

The past months have shown that there exists a close correlation between club membership strength, club quality and performance.

In order to provide leadership opportunities for your members, perhaps the time is opportune for you to consider and attempt to sponsor a club so that they can share, practice and enhance their acquired competencies.

If you need any assistance from the District to help provide the necessary resources to help conduct the demo-meeting, please do contact me, our PQD or CGD by email or phone as shown below.

As you can see, attractive incentives are in the offing when you form a club or recruit a minimum of five new members, be they hold dual membership or otherwise. During the next four weeks, encourage your club members to bring their friends, relatives or colleagues to your meeting. To attract them to be members of your club, make sure that your meeting is interesting and participative.
Toastmasters Malaysia District 102 Clubs and Members Campaign Extravaganza
Look at the campaign flyer and start planning to form a club or recruit new members now.

Towards this end, I wish all of you success.

Dr William Lau, DTM
District 102 Director, 2018-2109
Email: lau_bk2000@yahoo.co.uk
HP: 016-3112258

PQD Dr Yvonne Leong, DTM
Email: dryvonneleong@gmail.com
HP: 016-6238133

CGD Lee Meng Tze, DTM
Email: lmengtze@yahoo.com
HP: 012-2130588