District Director’s Message – Dr. William Lau, DTM (August 2018)

July is behind us now. It was indeed an exciting month that kept the Top Six pretty busy with meeting deadlines and programs planning.

Our District Leaders Training (DLT) flagged off on Saturday, 6 July through Sunday, 7 July 2018 at the W.P Hotel where over 86% of District Leaders attended. The program was specially planned and aimed at ensuring that all the attending Division and Area Directors return to their respective turfs in greater confidence, knowledge and skills to effectively serve, develop and bring the best out of their members’ potentials. It was the first time the DLT stretched over two days and one night.

Dr. William Lau, DTM
District 102 Director
In the days of District 51 and now 102, we have probably taken lightly the concept of Toastmasters leadership. My message on this subject could be construed as revolutionary or reformative. The fact, nevertheless, remains that not much of consideration or emphasis has been given to dignify leadership within Toastmasters sufficiently to regard ourselves as First Among Equals. And, we must be proud that we are products of Toastmasters and that we must maintain this highly regarded leadership image within and without our organization.

We were very fortunate to have the presence of Mr. Samuel Kim, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Asia Leadership Institute, an off-shoot of Harvard University, to share with us on the subject of Design Thinking and how it might apply to and augment our practice of servant leadership.

Besides, we were blessed with the presentation of Dr. Edlin Abrahim, a linguist of six ancient languages, author and lecturer, who shared with us his profound knowledge of how the human brain functions and how we can with the application of the alpha-numeric memory recall technique improve our average memory and communication efficiency.

The conclusion of the DLT saw the launching of the Club Officers’ Training 01 of Division M in Johor Bahru on Saturday 21 July, 2018. Division G had its COT 01 on Saturday 28 in Johor Bahru as well. Both the sessions were well attended.

This COT 01 shall extend to the whole month of August 2018. To ensure we achieve success, I sincerely enjoin all District and Club officers give their fullest co-operation and support to TLI Chair, C P Lau and his support team.

The District Trio will be leaving for the TI Convention 2018 in Chicago from 18 – 27 August 2018. During this period, our SDO’s – District Administration Manager, Henry Foo, DTM, District Finance Manager, Kaarthigayan, CC and District Public Relations Manager, Robert Ram, DTM will be in charge. Please do give them your support as you have given us.

Lastly, for those clubs that have not assigned their proxies to me, please do so within the next one week. This will have the effect of empowering me to effectively represent your interest at international level.

Thank You.