District Director’s Message – Dr. William Lau, DTM (Independence Day)

Fellow Toastmasters of District 102.

Today is a special day which brought home sweet memories of the day sixty-one years ago when our late First Prime Minister, YAB Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaimed at the strike of 12.00 midnight, “Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka” that signaled and heralded the birth of independent Federation of Malaya.

Let us cherish and continue to cherish and treasure the significance of independence. May the spirit of independence invoke and ignite within the heart of each and every loyal citizen the duty and responsibility to contribute to the progress of our beloved motherland regardless of race, color, religion and political affiliation. Let us in concert work towards a united, harmonious and prosperous nation where all enjoy peace, mutual respect and understanding.

On this note, I wish each and every member of District 102, “Happy Merdeka”. May this greeting remind us of our duty and onus of promoting unity, amity and harmony among Toastmasters and the people of Malaysia in general.

Dr. William Lau, DTM
District 102 Director