Dear Members of D102,

Please allow me to congratulate those who have achieved your intended goals early.

We have less than 2 months left to the end of term 2017-2018. I would implore you to reach out to your fellow toastmasters by:

1. Motivating them to complete their education track.

2. Assisting to raise the club membership to charter strength, if not already one. Shortfall of 841 to base.

3. Consistently coaching the weak clubs to perform better.

4. Continuously mentoring the new clubs until they understand the Toastmasters Program.

5. Extending a helping hand to build new clubs & sharing the benefits of the Toastmasters Program. Shortfall of 38 clubs to base.

One person cannot do everything but each of you can contribute something toward achieving the club, area & division goals.

Let the Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Service, Excellence, be the guiding principles in your Toastmasters experience and journey.

Your commitment and dedication to perform to the best of your abilities, are more than just receiving the personal accolades or excellence. It is a sense of PRIDE in being a part of


Let’s get to the finishing line together, as a TEAM!

Yours sincerely,

Azizah Abu Hassan, DTM

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