Division G Club Officers Training 1

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.”

This quote perfectly described Division G Club Officers Training 1, held at Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort on 27 July 2019. The enthusiasm, participation and commitment from club officers made this training ‘beautiful’.

Led by Toastmasters Leadership Institute team and yours truly as Organizing Chair, with support from Division G Director, Afzani Tual DTM and the amazing role players, Division G COT 1 was a wonderful success.

Each and every club officers from different clubs managed to learn many valuable lessons and understand more about their roles and responsibilities, which can be applied in their respective clubs. The enthusiasm which every club officer had shown proves that this term would surely turn out amazing. Glory to Division G!

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Written by,
Naziela Aljeffry, DL2

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