First PR Sharing Session

The District 102 Public Relations team got the first taste of conducting a PR sharing session unexpectedly in Bukit Serdang Toastmasters Club, a new homely club chartered in June 2019.

In the 29th July 2019 club meeting, the General Evaluator and District PR Manager Ricky Soo, DTM conducted a half-hour sharing on Toastmasters International Visual Brand Guidelines.

Content covered in the session includes the Toastmasters brand, use of Toastmasters logo, fonts, colors, images, and the ongoing District 102 Poster Design Contest.

By having the poster contest and PR sharing sessions, we are doing “Education by Engagement” by talking to and engaging with clubs on the what and how to promote a Toastmasters club and events in line with Toastmasters guidelines.

You too can have a PR session conducted in your club meeting, your workshop, your event. There are 5 sessions to choose from. Check out the PR sessions and contact us.

Bkt serdang tmc 2
District PR Manager, Ricky Soo, DTM – Sharing on Public Relations

Bkt serdang tmc 3

Bkt serdang tmc_1
Group Photo of Bukit Serdang Toastmasters Club meeting

Photos by Bukit Serdang Toastmasters Club