How to Organize A Speechcraft Workshop #2

On 9th November 2019, we conducted a second District Speechcraft briefing to provide guidance, blueprint and support for those interested to be the organizing team for Speechcraft workshop.

We are glad to have such enthusiastic members to take up the challenge. It’s truly the win-win-win situation, where members win by self-development in leadership and communication skills, clubs win with a membership drive and visibility to the public, and the District wins by having more publicity and more members into the Toastmasters program.

We provided the participants with a timeline to follow, and shared the expected budget and discussed the overall agenda of the events. We feel the joy and excitement from the participants as they realized that it was not as difficult as it may seem.

A great expression of gratitude for those who took the initiative to organize speechcraft and all the best for their successful events.

Alan Wong, DTM
District Speechcraft Chair

How to Organize A Speechcraft Workshop?

How to Organize A Speechcraft Workshop?