March 2020 – Dare to Ask

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March 2020

Speakathon @ BMC Mall

Speakathon public showcase event organized by Cheras Mandarin Toastmasters Club and UTAR Sungai Long Toastmasters Club in BMC Mall, Bandar Mahkota Cheras.

District Leader Address – Dare to Ask


At the start of term 2019-2020, we announced the first-ever Diamond Club Award in District 102. As Special Project Team member, I was behind this campaign, quietly monitoring its results months after months, awaiting to seeing the birth of the Diamond Clubs in District 102. These are the clubs who consistently achieving the Distinguished Club status, they do more than the DCP requirements, they successfully supported their members in achieving excellence, they will be recognized at the Annual Conference 2020 soon. Congratulations and well done to all clubs which have gained merit points throughout the term and well on track to your Diamond Club goal.

Do keep up the great work you have done for your clubs to achieve this far for the term. For clubs that have achieved your club goals, do help your buddy clubs and other clubs to gain merit points too. It’s still not too late to achieve this, as the due date for most items in the Diamond Club campaign is end-April 2020.

I remember in the last term, my club was down with only 3 members during the March 2019 renewal. But we eventually ended the term with 13 members and achieved the Distinguished Club status. We wouldn’t be able to achieve that results if not because of the district officers, our club coach and members from other clubs coming to support us.

If you think your club is still far from achieving any DCP status, do not easily give up.

  • Look for great speakers and evaluators from other clubs to brighten up your club meetings.
  • Look for a coach to assist your club.
  • Look for the leaders in our district to give you advice.

Let us all close the term with the feeling of pride and accomplishment for our clubs. We all can do it – if we dare to ask for it!

Tan Kok Choong, ACB ALB
District Administration Manager
Term 2019-2020


District 102 Organizational Update – Let’s welcome the newly appointed District leaders including District Administration Manager and Club Growth team members. Read full details here.

Diamond Club Award – We would like to recognize clubs achieving more than the requirements of DCP. You may provide data for Diamond Club Criteria here and check the status Diamond Club award hereFind out the qualifying criteria here.

Education Awards February 2020 – Congratulations to 179 members from 70 clubs across 9 Divisions in District 102 for achieving 193 Education Awards in the month of February 2020, both in the Pathways Education Program and Traditional Education Program. Check the list of achievers.

Pathways Adoption Top Achievers – Thanks to 72.1% of members who have adopted Pathways as of 17 March 2020. Congratulations to Top Clubs, Areas and Divisions achievers on Pathways Adoption Rate by Members (as of 17 March 2020 data extracted from Toastmasters International). Check full details.

Online Speech Contest – Please adhere to the latest Toastmasters International Contest Rulebook for all contests, together with Online Speech Contest Exception for Club, Area and Division Contests conducted Online. For reference on online speech contest, District 102 conducted a Mock Online Speech ContestSend your questions here if any.

COT2 Attendance Summary – Congratulations to 131 Clubs with minimum 4 club officers attended COT2, and 14 clubs with all 7 club officers attended COT2. The attendance of Club Officers at COT1 and COT2 have all been updated on the Toastmasters International Dashboard.

Organize Speakathon Online – Now you can organize online Speakathon to showcase Toastmasters to the public. Take this opportunity to reach out to more potential members for your club, area, division. Read the full guidelines.

Promote Your Club Online – You can attract new members to your club using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube? Use your phone or camera. Record a video. We will help you to promote, give you Diamond points and reward you with FREE club signboard. Start here, start now.