Message by Region 13 Advisor – S.K. Brillian, DTM

Dear Members of District 102,

I have the privilege and honor to spend some quality time with your members and leaders during my visit. I’m excited to learn that your District Director for 2019/2020 has started with a goal of achieving excellence in her term. She has defined Aspire to Excel as the theme of which you will work for. And I invite each one of you to aspire.

(A) Have Ambitious goals

The District Director has already said it for you, “District 102 for Smedley Distinguished”.

(S) Strategy

Work on your strategy to help the team achieve the goal that you set forth.

(P) Plan

This is the most important step for each one of you. As it’s important that you plan to succeed.

(I) Include every member. Let them know that We are in it together.

It is important that every member who joins the club and District 102 knows what we are aiming for.

(R) Review past challenges

Identify what it is that you want to change, what it is that you can continue, and what it is that you wish to stop. Ensure you have a discussion with your past leaders. And last but not least…

(E) Execute it effectively

Dear friends, it is said if we strive for achieving excellence, success will be ours.

I wish to share with you. A few years ago, when I was a leader of a not-for-profit, one of the leaders had said,

“Standards are set by norms but there is always a better way to do things.”

So do not get bogged down by what has been done. Go out, explore, express and enjoy this journey. I’m rooting for you and waiting for you at the other side of this term as Smedley Distinguished.

“District 102 for Smedley”

I’m with you. Wish you all the best. Cheers.

Special thanks to Dr. Brillian S.K., DTM

Editing – Ken Koh, DTM
Artwork – Foong Sook Hwa, ACG, ALB
Subtitles – Ricky Soo, DTM