Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth

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Dear Toastmasters,

Moments of Truth (“MOT”) outlines how clubs can continue to maintain a mutually supportive and positive learning environment where members can have the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills.


In order to do that, the club members & leaders should carry out a self-assessment from time to time to identify where the strength of the club lies and what are the areas that need more attention. TLI would like to support this assessment process by carrying out a MOT survey for all the clubs in the District. This survey can be used in planning the MOT training, which will be part of the elective training sessions under the first Club Officer Training (“COT1”).


Hence, we seek your kind cooperation to participate in the 1st MOT Survey by clicking on the appropriate links below:



The District has agreed to give Diamond Club Award (“DCA”) Points for submissions that meet the deadline of 25 July 2020, as follows:

  1. Clubs with participation of 70% or more: 1% DCA Points
  2. Clubs with participation of 80% or more: 2% DCA Points
  3. Clubs with participation of 90% or more: 3% DCA Points


Thank you for your co-operation and response.


Best Regards,


Alex Lu, DTM

Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Chair

District 102, Term 2020-2021