Dear members, 

Welcome to the 1/3 milestone for this term 2020-2021 ! We appreciate your diligence in continuing your Toastmasters journey through thick and thin, striving for excellence and overcoming ‘new normal’ challenge this pandemic season. Your resilience augurs well for a bright futurefor you and Toastmasters “Together, we will continue to learn, grow, and come out of this pandemic stronger than ever” ~ by Richard E. Peck, DTM, Toastmasters’ 2020-2021 International President.

Good news for members who have completed October 2020 – March 2021 renewal payment by December 2020 or earlier – Toastmasters International offers one free Pathways’ Path, redeemable by login and “choose a path” @ before March 2021, more info @

Members are eligible to take up roles, deliver speeches at Toastmasters meetings, and contests (provided the club is in good standing). District 102 has maintained all 4 Contests (International Speech, Humorous Speech, Evaluation, Table Topics) this term, as opportunities for more members participation.

In encouraging members achievements, District 102 has campaigns from Program Quality, Club Growth, Public Relations and Special Project (Diamond Club Award). Stay tuned on District Facebook, District offical Website and social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).

Members’ well-being and health are our top priority. Please adhere strictly to latest Government Laws, MCOs, and SOPs. District 102 has issued SOP as Guideline for conducting in-person meetings/contests during this pandemic season at District 102, recommending online meetings as the safest and healthiest mode during this pandemic season, has sponsored 2 ZOOM Enterprise accounts per every Division, for Clubs, Areas, Divisions to use at online Toastmasters meetings and contests. Any Toastmasters Clubs requiring ZOOM account for online meetings, please request from your Division/ Area Director, or contact District if more than 2 clubs per Divisions have online meetings at the same time.

We wish all the best to you as members, achieving Toastmasters communications and/or leadership goals, and to Clubs, Areas, Divisions in achieving membership, education and leadership goals, in striving for Distinguished and beyond.Together we Extend & Excel ~ District 102 for Smedley Distinguished! We wish you well in your Toastmasters journey. Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

Introducing our District Officers and Special Appointees serving you at District 102 

Senior District Officers & Special Appointees

Division Directors

Area Directors

Special Appointments

Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Team 

Program Quality Team

Club Growth Team

Administration Team 

Public Relations Team

Audit and Awards Team

Message from other Top 6 District Officers

Srinivas KM , DTM – Program Quality Director

As we are in midst of Crisis, as leaders we see opportunity in every Crisis. In the last few months, we have overcome challenges and succeeded to move online, continue with our educational program and learning new skills in the Virtual World. The journey ahead of us is still uncertain and together as a District we can overcome to achieve our goals.

Teoh Chun Ming , DTM – Club Growth Director

All of us joined Toastmasters to improve ourselves. I believe most of us have benefited from Toastmasters in one way or another. If you do, please introduce your family and friends to join our big family. If you want to bring Toastmasters to your organisation or community, do reach out to us the Club Growth Team. We’ll be more than happy to assist!

Chooi Kum Ying , DTM – District Administration Manager

Communication is human connection – It is the key to personal and career development, hence success. Thank you to our Public Relations Manager Soosai and team who created the newsletter for us to communicate and stay connected. I belief the newsletter is going to create strong relationships in District 102 and out with.

Wan Farisan , DTM – District Finance Manager

I am honoured to serve as your District Finance Manager for the term 2020-2021. As Finance Manager, my role is to support all clubs in achieving the objectives of Toastmasters through adequate funding and prudent spending. In the path to become a strong and excellent district, I hope all clubs will support my vision sustainable, resilient and forward looking finance.

Soosai Selvanathan, DTM – District Public Relations Manager

Let us continue to work as one team and grow in this encouraging and supportive environment of Toastmasters International. Public relations start with a smile and use that smile to spread positivity especially during this time of pandemic. Let’s make our communication solid & leadership vital through this global platform. Looking forward to have successful term of 2020-2021 with all of you.

Club Officer Training 1 2020 - 2021

On 22 August, D102 completed its COT1 program for the term 2020-2021. A total of 99 training sessions were conducted over a period of 42 days. These training sessions can be broadly grouped into 2 categories, namely the mandatory Exco Role training and the elective training. The elective training sessions can be further divided into 3 categories- Moments of Truth, Technical and Pathways. We covered all the 7 club officer roles under the mandatory Exco Role training and 16 topics under the elective training sessions. Under the TI guidelines, club officers are required to attend 2 hours of mandatory training and 2 hours of elective training in order to earn credit for their clubs under the DCP program.

The goal of COT1 was to prepare new club officers to carry out their role effectively and to work with fellow club officers as a team to achieve the goals set for the club. In addition to the sharing of knowledge, TLI hopes COT1 program will inspire the new teams of club officers to strive hard to achieve their club goals.

From past experience, we have seen the strong correlation between club officer attendance at COT and the health of the club. For that reason, TLI has been consistently calling on club officers to attend COT1 program. With the support from DvDs and ADs, the level of attendance was kept at a relatively high level.Total 876 (83%) of District 102 Club Officers attended COT1, with 46 clubs having all 7 out of 7 club officers attended COT1 and achieved Super 7 Award (District 102 Program Quality Campaign #1 for full COT1 attendance).

The COT1 for this term was not the usual COT1 because we are not in a normal time. The two main differences between the COT1 for this term and the usual COT1 are how the training sessions were conducted and who organized the training sessions. For this term, COT1 program was wholly organized by the TLI team and the training sessions were all conducted online.

The challenge of conducting effective training is made more acute in an online setting. In addition to content creation and training the trainers to present the content accurately and effectively, we have to prepare our trainers to present their training in a virtual setting and to train a team of Sergeants-at-arm (“SAA”) to support the trainers. Since we would be using the Zoom app to conduct our training sessions, the SAAs were simply known as Zoom Masters.

With the guidance and support from PQD DTM Srinivas and his team, Virtual Training program was carried out with multiple weekly sessions conducted over a period of about 1 month. At the same time, the TLI team under Deputy Chair JP Celestino conducted training sessions for Zoom Masters. More than 40 trainers were trained and accredited under the Virtual Training program and more than 30 Zoom masters were also trained under the Zoom Master training program




REGION 13 - 96 Anniversary Celebration - 18th October

Recently we had specially designed 96 minutes action pack townhall in conjunction with 96th Anniversary of Toastmasters International .It was one man’s idea in 96 years ago that brought us together on 18th October 2020. Our PQD DTM Srinivas was one of the welcoming ambassadors of the event.
District 102 members had a good time throughout the event especially the session with the World Champion of Public Speaking 2020 , Mike Carr


District 102   was part of  District Got talent contest & District poster contest  organized in conjuction with Region 13 celebration  which took place on  30th August 2020. We bagged  1st place in District  Got Talent contest where the team did some fun movements  for 2 songs – “Happy” By Pharrel William & “Tanggal 31” by Sudirman


PRO S.P.E.A.K Series - 12th Sepetember 2020
Pathways Series - 19th Sepetember 2020
PRO S.P.E.A.K Series - 26th Sepetember 2020
Pathways Series - 10th October 2020


Program Quality Team  organized Virtual Contest Expo on 26th September  where it cover some main areas as below 

  • How to organize contest
  • How to be a contest judge
  • What is our role as a Chief Judge
  • Contest rules and judging
  • Delivering winning Humorous Speech 
  • Delivering Impactful Evaluation


PD Toastmasters Club was founded in 1984. Since then, no matter rain or shine, we have held our meetings twice a month. When the Movement Control Order came into effect, our members were saddened by the fact that we could not meet like we used to. When we found out that other clubs were having their meetings via an online application called Zoom, we quickly tested it out and we have never looked back since.

We have welcomed fellow Toastmasters from Australia, India, Nigeria, Ukraine, the United States and other countries to our meetings, and we have joined theirs too. This virtual setup has opened our eyes and our minds to realize what can be accomplished when technology combines with Toastmasters.

There was one meeting when our chosen theme was “Superhero”. Instead of everyone using his/her own name, each of us took on our favourite superhero’s name instead. This simple twist brought so much fun to our meeting that at the end of the session, we felt reluctant to say our goodbyes. Online meetings brought us connection

in times of isolation, hope in times of distress, and friendship

from people we otherwise wouldn’t cross paths with. For this reason, even when we shift back to physical meetings, we hope our friends will still continue to join us online

Shah Alam Toastmasters Club had our first virtual meeting on 24th March, 2020. After the initial hiccups, members adapted quickly to the online environment. We improvised ways to jazz up meetings with randomisers, pre-designed virtual backgrounds, sound effects, etc. We also hosted visiting Toastmasters from local and foreign clubs. This has enriched our meetings tremendously.

Although the technical bumps remain and we miss the good food and banter at our physical meetings, virtual meets have fuelled our creativity, enabled us to stay relevant in the Toastmasters circle and enhanced our skills as communicators. Whether we continue to conduct online or physical meetings, we are confident that the club will continue to strive and ultimately, thrive.

Benefits of doing online meeting


线上例会真的提供了更多学习机会给我们的会友。 这让我们有机会去到其他州属及国家向当地的会友学习。在这期间,我们与香港的分会联办线上例会,让我们学习了不同地方的文化以及有些比较年长会友的活到老学到老的精神,让我们获益良多。



GBBM Mandarin Toastmasters Club


District 102 Virtual Summit will bring International & Local Speakers on an Online Platform to Ignite the Environment of learning and sharing knowledge to boost Performance among Toastmasters to become more effective communicators and leaders. Our Objective is to bring the Skills & Experience of Accredited & Professional Speakers to your doorstep.


At the end of this Summit you will be able to:
✓ Master the art of public speaking
✓ Guide people to success as a respected mentor
✓ Use whole-body techniques to deliver dynamic speeches
✓ Influence your audience effectively via online speeches
✓ Prepare yourself to become a world champion in public speaking
✓ Negotiate million ringgit / dollar deals without breaking a sweat
✓ Come to life and discover oneself during and after the pandemic lockdown
✓ Understand the anatomical connection between leadership and your body
✓ Master the art of appearing more confident, influential and trusted online
✓ Build resilience the warrior’s way to gain strength and turn setbacks into comebacks
✓ Invigorate your interpersonal and networking techniques and genuinely connect better with others
✓ Navigate through difficult emotions and relationship challenges using psychotherapeutic coping skills and spiritual wisdom

Book your virtual seat ASAP.
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Join us   from Oct 30th 2020 – Nov 1st 2020



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