Notice and Reminder on Brand Standards

We would like to call to your attention on the branding policies by Toastmasters International as in the document Policy and Protocol, one of the Governing Documents, revised on August 23, 2019.

For the document online, click HERE.

For a PDF copy, click HERE. Please refer to Policy 4.0: Intellectual Property, Section 2 on Brand Standards (Page 23 of the PDF document).

Here is a summary of key points for you to take note:

– Toastmasters International publishes a Brand Manual.

– Toastmasters logo and wordmark may not be modified in any way.

– Individual members, clubs and Districts may not create or use own logos.

– Previous versions of the emblem or logo and non-compliant brand images may not be used on any club- or District-related material except when the material is part of a historical display.

– Previous version of a Toastmasters banner may be displayed at a Toastmasters event as long as the most currently branded version of the banner is more prominently displayed.

– Use only the seven colors that make up Toastmasters’ brand color palette.

– Use only the four fonts allowed in Brand Manual.

– Our official tagline is “Where Leaders Are Made.” No other tagline may be used.

* In addition, Toastmasters International has also confirmed that the official Chinese translation of the tagline is 打造杰出领袖的摇篮.


Written by

Ricky Soo, DTM (District 102 PR Manager)