Notice for District 102 Council Meeting (21 Sept 2019)

Dear District Council Members of District 102,

This is to inform you that our District will be convening the District Council Meeting on Saturday, 21 September 2019, from 10 am to 12 pm. virtually through a conference call via Microsoft Teams. The mechanics and procedures for participation in the virtual meeting will be announced 1 week before the meeting to the registered participants. In accordance to Toastmasters International Guidelines, please note that NO PROXY is allowed for this virtual meeting.

Please register your participation here.

If you have any motion to be discussed during the meeting, please fill in the motion form here.

Both links will close 1 week before the meeting.

Please refer attachments as below:

1. Formal Notice of the 1st District 102 Council Meeting 2019-2020 on 21 September 2019

Notice for 1st DCM 21 Sept 2019rev2

2. Agenda for the 1st District Council Meeting 2019-2020 on 21 September 2019

Agenda for 1st DCM 21 Sept 2019