Poster Design Contest Finalists

Thanks for the great responses from 65 clubs from all 9 Divisions in District 102 to take part in the Poster Design Contest! Congratulations to all participants as you will be receiving a certificate of participation from us! We are pleased to announce the 16 finalists for making it through to the Final!

Total posters received – 176
Total posters accepted – 96
Total posters into semifinal – 42
Total posters into final – 16

The first 2 rounds of selection were carried out by voting by 7 members in the District PR team. In each round, posters that received a majority number of votes (4 votes or above out of 7) qualified to the next round. The 16 finalists will be judged by a panel of 9 judges consisting of 6 Senior District Officers and 3 other District leaders, to select the top 3 winners.

All finalists will receive a prize on stage in the Welcome Night of Annual Conference on the 5th of June 2020. The Top 3 winners will be announced on the same night!

Sign up for Annual Conference 2020 HERE.

View the 16 finalists’ posters below. You can find and share the posters on Facebook too. ^^