PR Sharing 5.0 – Video Marketing in Apple Mentors Toastmasters Club

August 16, 2019 (Friday) – Immediate Past Division C Director and District PR team member Ken Koh, DTM presented an interactive session on Video Marketing in Apple Mentor Toastmasters Club.

Ken had 3 participants to give an engaging sales pitch for 30 seconds each. This was to show the importance of getting video audience engaged within 30 seconds of video.

Ken also made groups presented a need or problem, the solution, and the call-to-action to audience. This showed what key points to include in our video.

Through useful sharing from 3 levels of video making, to the software used to edit a video, Ken has benefited the club members on what to do when promoting the club using video.

You too can have a PR session conducted in your club meeting, your workshop, your event. There are 5 sessions to choose from. Check out the PR sessions and contact us.

PR sharing 5.0 Ken Koh
Ken receiving a token of appreciation.
PR Sharing 5.0 Video Marketing
Ken Koh sharing on how to create an effective video.
PR Sharing 5.0 group
Group Photo

Photos by Ng Yee Chia, Sze Ann