Program Quality Campaign – Buddy Club System

Up next we have the Buddy Club System Campaign for clubs in District 102 to improve club quality and encourage collaboration among Toastmasters from different clubs!

To qualify for the campaign, Club A with <= 15 members can pair up with Club B that is at least a Distinguished Club and have => 20 members. Buddy list pairing need to be submitted in writing to the Program Quality Director by 31 August 2019. Both clubs should achieve at least Distinguished Club status by 30 April 2020, and Presidents of both clubs should be satisfied with the achievements, in order to be recognized at the Annual Conference 2020. For more information, refer to the poster below.

Any inquiries can be directed in writing to the Program Quality Director, Lee Meng Tze, DTM by email to, or by contacting 012-213 0588.

Buddy Club System Campaign

Poster design by Yasotha Arumugam, DTM