Public Relations 3.0 – Drag, Drop & Create A Website Today!

Introducing PR sharing session for your club officers and members. Learn to promote your club and bring your marketing to the next level!

What will you learn?
– To learn the basic functions of creating your own website using Weebly platform.
– To learn the differences between paid and unpaid website functions.
– To learn how to beautify your website with the elements provided.

Who are the speakers?
Joanne Yong, ACB, ALB
 2019/20 District PR Team Member
 2018/19 Area D3 Director
 2016/17 Vice President Education of PJ Toastmasters Club

Jerry Wong, ACB, ALB
 2018/19 Div D Finance Manager
 2017/18 Area D3 Director
 Professional emcee in various languages
 Active Toastmaster in both English and Mandarin clubs

Let’s arrange for a session done in your event, meeting, workshop at your place. You decide the date, time, duration. 1 – 2 hours suggested.

What’s next?
Contact Joanne Yong, ACB, ALB at 012-3725679 or email to

PR workshop 3
PR workshop 3.0 – Creating a Website

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