Public Relations Workshop by Crystal Toastmasters Club (Part 1)

Crystal Toastmasters Club organizes a two-part workshop on Public Relations featuring 5 speakers from District 102 PR Team.

The first part was conducted on 5 October 2019 consisting of 3 sessions:
– Let The World Know by Ricky Soo, DTM

– Drag, Drop & Create a Website by Joanne Yong, ACS, ALS

– Video Marketing by Ken Koh, DTM

About 16 participants attended the 3 sessions full of interactions and hands-on practices. Together, we learned the best practices in promoting a club, creating a web site, and planning for a video marketing campaign.

From the feedback received, the participants were utmost delighted with the knowledge and experience shared. The speakers have also learned better ways to deliver the sessions.

Join us for the second part to be conducted on 19 October 2019 consisting of 2 sessions:

Poster Design by Foong Sook Hwa, MS4, ACG, ALS

Social Media Marketing by Jerry Wong, ACB, ALB

Register yourself today at HERE.

Find out more about District 102 PR Sharing Series HERE.


Ken Koh – Video Marketing
Joanne Yong – Web site design
Ricky Soo – Let the World Know
Group Photo