Recognize D102 Members for Individual Achievements

Dear Honorable Members of District 102,

With great pleasure, I am reaching you with this mail. I am sure all of you are enjoying the Toastmasters program especially the honor of being in the new District and the First term itself. I am equally excited to serve you as District Director.

It is not only my duty but noble intention to make District 102 the PRESIDENT’s DISTINGUISHED DISTRICT in its very first term.

Firstly, I am extremely grateful for all those who have contributed and served the District in various roles and leadership to help propel achievements.

We have thus far chartered nine (9) news clubs. Two(2) Divisions and two(2) Areas have already achieved President’s Distinguished Division and Area respectively. Besides, twenty-eight( 28) Clubs have achieved to date the President’s Distinguished Club Goal.

I am fully aware that many of you are still working hard and striving to reach your best possible heights of excellence. The District is very much appreciative of all the dedicated and diligent members who are continuing to promote and spread the toastmasters program for the benefit of the community at large.

Meanwhile, the District also like to call for your submission for the following awards:-

1 .District Toastmaster of the year 2016/2017.
2 Division Director of the year 2016/2017.
3. Area Director of the year 2016/2017.

For suggestions on how district leaders should choose someone for one of these awards, refer to the Recognition Checklist 2017.Please forward the checklist to the District Director THIAGARAJAH NESAN,DTM at Email: not later than 15th July 2017.

Yours sincerely,
District Director, District 102
First Term – 2016/2017