Region 13 Advisor’s Visit to Speedhome Toastmasters Club

Speedhome Toastmasters Club recently had their second meeting after their charter and the club was fortunate to welcome DTM Brillian S.K., our Region 13 Advisor to conduct a session for the new club. The club meeting was also attended by the District 102 Program Quality Director, DTM Dr. Yvonne Leong and District 102 Club Growth Director, DTM Lee Meng Tze.
Group photo with Speedhome Toasmasters Club.

Brillian’s session was very appropriate for this new club as he shed some light to the new members about the opportunities that awaits Toastmasters in the bigger world. He shared his personal experience on how he has gained valuable experiences and life lessons from Toastmasters and how these teachings shape him to be a better communicator and leader.
Sharing by Brillian, S.K., DTM and a few other speakers.

He also explained how he was given the opportunity to do many other things in his life by using what he has learned from Toastmasters. This includes him judging various debate competitions, moderating panel discussions and being a TEDx speaker. He also shared success stories about other Toastmasters from his district who have become successful in their own life adventures- which includes Toastmasters becoming entertaining stand up comedians and inspiring professional trainers.

All in all, Brillian’s short yet impactful sharing in this very new club certainly added value to those who were present at the meeting. He was able to illustrate and explain how a membership in Toastmasters life can be changing and he motivated all the members to challenge themselves and go out of their comfort zone to become more effective communicators and leaders.

Photo with Region 13 Advisor, Brillian, S.K., DTM. 
From (left) DTM, Dinesh Jayabalan ; (middle) Brillian, S.K. ; (right) ACS, ALS, Tan Eng Suan

Write up by: Dinesh Jayabalan, DTM