Repost: Building Others by Aaron Chan, DTM

This message originally appeared in the October 2019 edition of District 102 newsletter.

Aaron Chan, DTMAs the District Administration team was preparing the District Directory, I wondered about all the names I’m typing into the database. It made me think, “All these volunteers are stepping up to serve their club. Why in the world are they doing this?”. As I pondered, I asked myself too, why did I become a club officer? Most of us serve to just develop ourselves. While I think that’s a good cause, perhaps I would like to challenge all club officers to look at a higher purpose.

Our founder Ralph C. Smedley once said, “Let us share the benefits we have gained for ourselves with others”. It’s a call not to just build ourselves, but to also build others. That should be our aim as leaders. To inspire and to build other leaders. As I reflect on my 6 years in Toastmasters, I am thankful for the many leaders from my club, area, division and district who have inspired me to become a better speaker and leader.

As they have built me, so now I challenge myself to build others. I also challenged myself to build leaders who will be much better than me. The more we build others, the more we can see a healthy and happier district. The district aspires to build sustainability. I believe to achieve this, we need to start building others to ensure a pipeline of wonderful, dedicated and inspiring leaders. Will you join me in this challenge?

Aaron Chan, DTM
District Administration Manager
Term 2019-2020