Repost: Close Book by Ricky Soo, DTM

This message originally appeared in the December 2019 edition of District 102 newsletter.

Ricky Soo, DTMWhen I was a new Toastmaster, I didn’t want to have anything to do with the leadership track of the Toastmasters program. All I wanted was to complete my speeches and then “close book”.

Somehow, today I’m still here. The transition from a speaker to a leader happened naturally. As I started to speak better, I gained confidence. I started to feel that I could lead, I could make a difference.

But the leadership journey has not been easy. I faced many difficulties. People didn’t work with me. Things didn’t turn out the way I thought it would be. Times and again, I thought it’s time to “close book”.

Then I remembered we are a bunch of positive and supportive people. We give evaluation to speakers and tell them to keep it up. Perhaps they have speaking skills they have yet to learn. Just try new ways, persevere. One day, they too can be good speakers.

Similarly, when we face challenges in leadership, why not tell ourselves to keep it up too? Perhaps there are leadership skills we have yet to learn. Just try new ways, persevere. One day, we too can be good leaders.

The journey is not easy. But it’s worth it to grow as a speaker, as a leader, as a person. So, let’s remember to keep it up. Don’t easily give up. Don’t easily “close book”. Because we don’t set our limit. The sky is the limit.

Ricky Soo, DTM
District Public Relations Manager
Term 2019-2020