Repost: It’s Sustainability by Selina Chong, DTM

This message originally appeared in the September 2019 edition of District 102 newsletter.

Selina Chong, DTM
Selina Chong, DTM

I remember during the District Leader Training in Denver, every District was asked to come up with the Vision and Mission statements. I reflected upon my purpose of coming in to serve our members, about the People, their Potential and Progress.

Putting in the ideas, with a bit of amendment, the District Director, Program Quality Director and I agreed with this vision for District 102, “A district with sustainable quality clubs where members unleash their potential and become effective leaders.” Yes, sustainability. What we plan and workout should not be short term plan but rather a plan that works for at least the next couple of terms that help the clubs to sustain.

Commonly, clubs are chartered and dissolved. Sometimes it is unavoidable but we can reduce the numbers of clubs closed through sustainability. Members are the most important assets and if members are happy with their development in Toastmasters, with their potential being unleashed, they will be happy staying with the clubs and contribute to the new members. When we have happy members, quality clubs would automatically exist.

Let’s all continue doing our best not only by attending our club meetings but also by sharing the benefits and our success stories to those who are looking to develop themselves in becoming a better speaker or leader. Together, we can do it!

Selina Chong, DTM
Club Growth Director
Term 2019-2020