Speakathon @ BMC Mall, Bandar Mahkota Cheras

What is Speakathon?

Have you found it hard to get your children’s, relatives’ and friend’s attention when you communicate with them? And they are not listening to your suggestions?

Being able to speak confidently in public can mesmerize the audience of different levels and age groups, from the age of 3 to 80. Receiving constructive feedback or evaluation can help motivate and improve the speaker’s competencies. Want to know how to do both?

There is an opportunity now! In this Speakathon event, Toastmaster members will deliver engaging, engrossing and entertaining speeches, based on what they have learned in Toastmasters. Subsequently, there will be members to give constructive, motivating and uplifting evaluations to them.

Come over and learn while being entertained by these speeches and evaluations! Got a question? Our friendly members can answer all your queries. See you at the event!

Event info on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/490137898554703

Registration form – https://bit.ly/2PlugWv

For enquiry – Julius Soo (012-2444118), Ng Pey Jiann (017-3089180)


有没有试过,想与别人沟通时,总达不到预期中的效果?您所给予的意见,大家都从听不进耳呢? 如果有的话,您想要的解决方案,就在这里~~~


来体验一下,这种更上一层楼的境界吧!在讲演马拉松,讲演会的会友将为您呈现引人入胜又有趣的演讲‼ 更难得可贵的是还会有会友,给予这些讲演者有建设性且振奋人心的评估‼


Facebook上的活动信息 – https://www.facebook.com/events/490137898554703

注册表格 – https://bit.ly/2PlugWv

咨询 – Julius Soo (012-2444118), Ng Pey Jiann (017-3089180)