Public Relations 1.0 – Let the World Know

Introducing PR sharing session for your club officers and members. Learn to promote your club and bring your marketing to the next level!

What will you learn?
– Understand the basic role of PR in making a club successful.
– Identify basic PR strategies suitable for Toastmasters club.
– Learn PR best practices from real scenarios.

Who is the speaker?
Ricky Soo, DTM
 Past President of PJ Toastmasters Club
 Past Division D Director
 Founded USJ, Apple Mentor Toastmasters Clubs
 Co-founded MAD, MC JO Toastmasters Clubs

Let’s arrange for a session done in your event, meeting, workshop at your place. You decide the date, time, duration. At least 1 hour suggested.

What’s next?
Contact Joanne Yong, ACB, ALB at 012-3725679 or email to

Public Relations Sharing 1 – Let the World Know

Poster design by Foong Sook Hwa, ACG, ALB

Club Growth Club Building Campaign 2019/2020

We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence! Nurture your newly chartered clubs well and take part in District 102 “be the Builders” campaign. It’ll be all worthwhile. See poster below for details.

be the Builders campaign (English Version)
be the Builders campaign (Mandarin Version)


102区域分会拓展团队精心为各会友准备了分会拓展工作坊,由资深的会友带领及提供建立健康成长分会的训练。参加工作坊的会友可获取参与证书, 并将在102区域的官方脸书上获得认可。报名的网页链接:

D102 Club Growth Workshop - Main Summary-Mand
Club Growth Workshop Summary (Mandarin)
Club Growth Workshop (Mandarin) – Central region
Club Growth Workshop (Mandarin) – JB
Club Growth Workshop (Mandarin) – Melaka

District 102 Club Growth Workshops (Term 2019/2020)

This is a series of complimentary workshops by District 102 Club Growth Team led by experienced Toastmasters to provide invaluable training in building, guiding, and coaching clubs for healthy growth. The programme includes practical sharing, case studies and discussions on challenges faced by club leaders and on chartering new clubs. All participants will receive a certificate of participation and will be recognised on the District’s official Facebook page. Register now at

D102 Club Growth Workshop-Main-Summary
Club Growth Workshops Summary
Club Growth Workshop (Johor Bahru)
D102 Club Growth Workshop-Central
Club Growth Workshop (Central)
Club Growth Workshop (East Coast)
Club Growth Workshop (Melaka)